According to the institutions of the military history, since the end of WWII, there were only 26 days of absolute peace on the Earth. Conflicts have become one of the main factors of instability in the world. Modern conflicts are very hard to keep under control. These conflicts are a serious threat not only for participants of the conflicts but also to all other countries and people on the Earth.

Color infrared film was designed for use in military applications since 1940. Sensitivity of this film was beyond the ordinary visible spectrum of light. The production of this film was discounted and it is impossible to find it any more. However digital technologies give us the possibility for developing digital images in infrared color film process with the identical settings. 

The red color is very important and symbolic for the post-Soviet countries. Red - is a color of the Soviet communist past, the ideology of which was to unite people of different nationalities of the USSR, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union this color became one of the reasons of conflicts at the post-Soviet territories.