According to the unofficial information 1O% of all the prisoners in Russia and Ukraine are innocent. Every year innocent people are put in jail because of lack of evidence during the investigation process, imperfection of the judicial system and corruption. 

«It is a big deal to cancel the decision of the court after the decision has been made even if the person was innocent. This system is a huge business.» Human rights activists say: “If you don’t want to be guilty – you should give a bribe and bring money. No money – no freedom, imprisonment.”​ – from the materials of media-group “Golos UA”

The project «1O% of innocence» brings attention to this issue when innocent people are still in the prisons for the crimes they did not commit. Each image is a compilation of 1O portraits from the police archives. I intentionally took a portrait of criminals and innocent people that were shot in police stations and multi-layered them with 1O% percent of transparency. Looking at these abstract portraits a viewer can hardly recognise innocents and criminals. The viewer is lost in his judgment and in this case the emotional aspect brings you to the decision that all of them are criminals and guilty. And if we consider a photograph as the document, it could be the only valuable evidence for the court in the hyper bureaucrat system to bring the innocent person to prison. Everybody can be in their place without any chance to be released.