"If you are an officer, please take care of your soldiers, and never let the rudeness to them. You should always remember that a soldier's heart is full of grief and fear, he should go to the front and doesn't know what will happen with him tomorrow" 
Rebe Maarosh, hasidic spiritual leader

The grave of Rabbi Nahman from Breslav in Uman (Ukraine) is one of the biggest holy places of Hasidism in the world. Rabbi Nahman from Breslav was a founder of Hasidism. He told that everyone who would come to this place and pray could leave all his sins here and would be forgiven. Every year almost 30 000 hasids come here to pray from all over the world. They pray during the celebration of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). According to their religion they can't do anything on this day even to look at the light and fire. They go to the lake, pray reading psalms and throwing stones in the water. It has a symbolic meaning. They throw out all their sins from the previous year.

But the most interesting thing that I was really impressed by is the huge number of plastic guns, shotguns, pistols and rifles in the hands of children. Every boy has a toy gun in his hand. All these weapons are perfect copies of the real ones. They shoot each other with plastic bullets and play at war on the streets. It is really hard to understand for me how people are going to make a piece in Israel-Palestinian conflict when they gave a guns to their children, even if it is a toy.