The southern states of the USA are absolutely another America. There is America without skyscrapers and rush. There is America that you don't see on the advertising billboard. From the first miles here you can feel the spirit of history. Horrible events like the Civil War and human rights happened here, on the junction of Ohio and Tennessee rivers. These events have changed the entire history of the United States and American nation. This is America that Russian writers Ilf and Petrov told us about in their adventure novel in 1935. Almost nothing has changed from those times. Life still slowly walks here by narrow streets of small southern towns.

“Little Golden America” project is an attempt to connect the past and the present. This project connects people and places that probably were together before. It is a research and exploration of history through different objects, like flowers, photographs, bullets, etc. This is a puzzle that I collect in my personal way of understanding and feeling of that place. This project is a way we can look back to our history and rethink our defeats and victories, failure and success, rights and wrongs. There is a way to feel the power and flow of history, because there is no future without the past.