Starting from the 1970s-1980s the number of eyewitnesses of unidentified objects (UFO) radically increased worldwide. The region of Ural Mountains in Russia is considered to be one of the biggest anomalous zones. It is a mecca for UFO enthusiasts from all over the world. There are dozens of eyewitness reports of various UFOs - cigar-shaped, pyramid-shaped, spherical and disk- shaped. There were a lot of mysteries concerning these objects in the former USSR. The UFO and alien topic was a taboo. Nobody mentioned any details or facts about UFOs because the person can be easily put in the psychiatric hospital and spent the whole life there or at least lost a job. But today we can find more and more evidence of UFOs or the newly appeared term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), that let us know more and understand this phenomena better. And the understanding that our reality is not the only one and we are not the only creatures in the universe can change not only the way we accept the reality but it can change the reality by itself.

“I want to believe” project contains testimonies and drawings of UFO eyewitnesses who kept their memories under the secret for a long period of time. After surfing and browsing all social networks during the last couple of years I have found more than 500 videos from the Ural region of people who captured unknown flying objects or mysterious phenomena in the night sky. Ufologists believe that such phenomena occur in places of underground fractures where strong energy is coming up from the depths of the Earth. At the same time the Ural region is the centre of the military industry of Russia and there are a lot of territories still closed from the stranger’s eye that creates even more legends.

Part I : Evidences

Part II : Believers

Part III : Phenomena

Part IV : Perm triangle (Molebka)