At the end of the Second World War, the total loss of the Soviet Union was approximately 27 millions people, both civilian and military. At the same time there is no definite figure of the soldiers who were missing in the war actions. Officially it is around
2,6 millions but in reality this number is much higher. Almost every family lost their relatives in WWII. Only 7 millions names and data of missing Soviet officers and soldiers are kept in the central archive of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

From 1980-s some volunteers have started searching for missing soldiers. They were moved by the idea of finding missing soldiers, identifying them and bringing back their remains to their families. Activists had no experience and used primitive tools like skewers to find the bones in the ground. Today this movement is international and there are a lot of small and big search teams who base and work in the ex-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, etc). More than 28 000 missing soldiers were found and identified. At the background of current rising militarism this work is very important, reminding to all of us the real human price for any war.