"More than one-half of the world's major rivers are being seriously depleted and polluted, degrading and poisoning the surrounding ecosystems, thus threatening the health and livelihood of people who depend upon them for irrigation, drinking and industrial water"
Ismail Serageldin,
Chairman of the World Commission on Water for the 21st Century

This project is an attempt to understand what is happening now with my country and my land. It is an attempt to look from outside at our ordinary routine life and our people, who from the very beginning of their settlement on the banks of the Dnieper River, lived in harmony with nature and have sufficient knowledge and understanding for this. Almost half of the population of Ukraine lives on the banks of the Dnieper River or its tributaries nowadays. Our children and we have enormous health problems. All environmental and medical programs are closing from insufficient funding. And despite all of this, we continue to live here, breathe, drink this water and bathe in it, because we have no other choice. And all of these are the consequences of what we are doing with our own hands today.