This project documents the manner in which Russia deals with the situation that is not even permitted to be referred to as "war". The full-scale war in Ukraine has been ongoing for three years. During the first couple of months following the outbreak of war, I was in a state of complete shock. I initially considered leaving Russia, as did many of my acquaintances. However, I ultimately decided to remain. I had the intention of capturing this traumatic moment in history.

The use of a children's digital camera with poor resolution was deliberate, as it brings the topic of children into the frame of war. All the photographs are printed on special thermal paper «Cheque tape», which serves as a metaphor for the colossal financial and human losses caused by war. However, the real terrible losses and costs are the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who die in this war. The images on the paper will disappear slowly, while great pain will remain for generations.