«Deja Vu is the mind's way of letting you know that you are in the right place at the right time»
Author unknown

Most people have felt Dejavu at least once but till nowadays there is no definite explanation of this phenomenon.
During my first visit to New York I have not been surprised by the great view of buildings, streets or people who wear fancy clothes. The surroundings were quite usual and familiar to me. I walked on the streets, went by subway and yellow cabs. It looked like I had done it thousands of times before. I didn't pay much attention to this fact till I looked out my window and saw a panorama of New York. I definitely have seen this panorama before from the same room on the 16th floor 5th Avenue of New York City. I was frightened and struck at the same time. During the next two month​s that I lived there I had this feeling several more times. I started to shoot this city. I shoot only vertical pictures like a microscopic cut of reality of this city that reaches by its skyscrapers for the sky.

Four month later I moved to Moscow, where I had the same feeling. I have never been to Moscow before. But I went to the same streets between the same buildings and met the same people talking about the same things. My camera kept doing vertical shots while my mind kept finding familiar things around me.

Looking at the photographs that I made in New York and Moscow I found many similarities between them. Two capitals, two megalopolises that are so far from each other on the land become so close in my mind. Vertical cuts began to create a sequence of time and space creating a chain of flashbacks in my memory that runs through my mind over and over again.