A Bridge Too Far explores existing and new interactions, discovering the interconnectedness of different elements beyond the simple dichotomy of the complex world. Encouraging ability to see things from multiple perspectives, the project metaphorically points to a step that is too ambitious or too far in a time of crisis.

Borders separate people from reality and from each other, multiplying people's fears and insecurities. Mind the gap' became an essential warning. By bridging this gap, the artists reveal connections that exist between separated things, reflecting on existing relationships, real or fake interactions, ‘making kin in a world that rips us apart from each other’.

The installation bridges various ‘pillars ’ and hidden narratives, found objects and associations through divers places and times, creating links between the artists’ experience and the viewer. A Bridge Too Far project is a call to actions, raising questions about current political and ecological thinking. By building bridges we unveil and visualise the hidden connections, bringing to light the need for support, span and foundation.

Georgia, Kachreti, 2022
Inside and outside installation.
Project by Arthur Bondar & Oksana Yushko